Message from Pastor Ned

The Communion of Saints
In our prayers during worship, many of you have heard me praying for Anthony, the Activities Aide at Princeton Manor. About a month ago, Anthony lost his grandmother – the most important adult in his life and the person with whom he shared a home. Anthony frequently talked about how they took care of each other. Suddenly, not only did lose his grandmother, but he was about to lose his place to live.

Then last week, he lost his son due to gun violence. Anthony is devastated.And then Trinity came along for Anthony. As I shared his story at our meeting last week, Council members spontaneously voted to write a check to Anthony from our Stimulus Discretionary Fund.

Sunday we passed a card around for folks to sign and today (Tuesday, October 25th), I took the card, gift, some of our CDs and a lead for free legal defense (for housing) with me to Princeton Manor. Anthony was there ready for our Bible Study, but before we began, I shared our offering with him.

He recognized the CDs, saying that he had heard them when his uncle was dying a few years back. Anthony opened the card and read it aloud to everyone. Then he spotted the check and gasped, saying, “I can’t believe it. No one has ever done anything like this for me.” He took a deep breath and began to sob, while everyone gathered around him and his “new family” – the staff and residents at Princeton Manor and the people of TLC – offered comfort to him. What a wonderful image of the “communion of saints.”

I often tell people that Trinity is a “small, but mighty congregation.” We certainly are! And we are always engaging in God’s world in new ways – working to bring God’s reign… God’s presence to more and more people around us.

May God guide us into our mighty future!

In God’s Love & Care,
Pastor Ned