In Our Prayers

In Thanksgiving
For Anna’s continued improvement
For our new preschool

For Healing and Recovery
Elizabeth (Trinity Alameda)
Jessica’s brother, Matt

For Those with On-Going Health Issues
 Kari  +  Pastor Craig  +  Carolyn’s father, Tom 

For the Concerns & Blessings of Our Family Members & Friends
Yvonne’s friend, Joyce
Pastor Ned’s friend, Jane 
Pastor Pamela’s mother, Dorothy
Pastor Stephanie’s mother, Carol
Maureen’s Dad, Paul, and Mom, Betty
Johnathan, as he is engaged

For Those Who Are Struggling
& Concerns of Our Nation & World
Individuals and families facing turmoil or life changes
Those on our border hoping for a new beginning in the U.S.
Those without a home or enough food
Those seeking employment and struggling to make ends meet
A fair and peaceful presidential election process
Peace and cooperation among disparate groups in the United States
Lasting peace to come among warring nations/lands
Love to reign and racism to end

For Our Partners in Ministry
The ministries of Pastor Nai and the Oakland Yu Mienh Baptist Church
24-Hour Child Center, as they return to their repaired site

Our new pre-school, under the direction of Cassandra,
as they prepare to move into TLC’s classrooms
The Evangelical Church in America, its ministries and ministers
The Sierra Pacific Synod, its staff and ministries

Trinity, as it enters into a new Call Process with Pastor Ned
Congregations and ‘centers of faith’ throughout Oakland

In Celebration
Schuyler Hayden (Birthday 7/17)
Pastor Ned (Birthday 7/24)
Carolyn Carpenter (Birthday 7/26)
John Dawson (Birthday 7/29)
Brian Lebold (Birthday 7/31)
Ziva Gillette (Birthday 8/4)
Yvonne Johnson (Birthday 8/8)
Anna Amato (Birthday 8/15)
Jason Johnson (Birthday 8/18)
Kari Johnson (Birthday 8/18)
Quincy Hayden (Birthday 8/18)
Pastor Brian Stein-Webber (Birthday 8/21)


The Prayer List is updated each quarter (January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1).
To keep your prayer concerns on this list at those times or to add, delete, or update prayers, please send an email to

Remember it is your responsibility to first receive permission from the person(s) being prayed for before adding their name(s) to our list.