Multi-Generational Confirmation Study Series

After close to two years, May 9th was our last gathering via Zoom to make our way through Manna & Mercy. The Confirmation students will wrap things up in-person for September and October. And then at our Worship Service on Reformation Sunday, October 29th, those who choose to will be confirmed.

In the meantime, throughout the Summer, the Confirmation students and their families will be watching a video series called “The Chosen.” This series is produced by BYUtv, part of Bringham Young University and is an engaging, thought-provoking exploration of the story of Jesus and his chosen disciples.

I encourage all of us to watch this series and to do it with someone, so you can talk about it afterward. If there’s enough interest, perhaps we can find a time to gather for a discussion (In-person or via Zoom). All you need is your computer, actually. Go to to stream all three seasons of “The Chosen.” (It may require a free membership.) You can also watch all 3 seasons through Apple TV. Netflix has only season 1 available and Amazon Prime has seasons 1 & 2.

I, personally, have deeply enjoyed watching the first two seasons of “The Chosen.” I still have Season 3 to complete. So far, It has enlivened my faith in new and spirit-filled, warming ways. Give it a try!

In God’s Love and Care,
Pastor Ned