Sundays at Trinity

Worshiping at Trinity

We gather weekly for meaningful worship that includes song, scripture, prayer, sermon, mutual uplifting and Holy Communion.  We find daily comfort in reminding one another who we are and Whose we are.  We plunge into serious scripture reflection.  We learn to rely on God as revealed to us through Jesus Christ, a God who is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. 

We pray in confidence that God hears us and acts, that we are known better than we know ourselves.  We intercede for our family, friends, neighbors, leaders and strangers alike. Healing prayer stations during every service allow another opportunity for us to address individual concerns, for ourselves or for those we love and care for.

Centering Prayer

We gather on Sunday mornings before worship for contemplative prayer.  It is much like the Buddhist tradition of meditation – we seek to quiet our minds and find our spiritual center.  You may choose a word or phrase that has spiritual meaning for you, or just simply focus on breath.  There are no rules or dictates for this quiet time of contemplation.

Coffee Hour

We don’t go home directly after our “Amen”. Coffee hour is an important part of worship at Trinity. Actually, it’s not really “coffee hour”, but lunch!  A different group prepares the meal each week, so it’s always a surprise. But it’s more than just sustenance – it’s a chance for us to talk and listen to each other’s stories of life challenges and rewards, work, travels, and whatever is happening in our lives. It’s the time to celebrate birthdays and accomplishments, and to get to know our visitors.

Trinity Choir

Our enthusiastic choir offers inspirational music weekly through most of the year, in unison, two-part and SATB.  We trust that the Holy Spirit will inhabit our words and harmonies.

Christian Education

We provide Sunday morning classes for young children (during worship). We belong to a youth ministry consortium that offers education, fellowship activities, and service opportunities for youth of all ages. We also offer confirmation instruction to young people in the 6th and 7th grades.